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Sl. No. Training / Workshop / Research (2018-2019)

15 Days Orientation Programme on Learning indicator
s and learning out
comes for elementary teachers
DIET Senapati
2District level Role Play and folk dance Competition at Senapati District. DIET Senapati
35 Days Training of English in Simulation Method DIET Senapati
45 Days Orientation Programme on Gender Equality and inclusive Education.DIET Senapati
5One Day Advocacy Meeting of school teachers on Adolescence education,DIET Senapati
6District level Folk Tale writing competition for Secondary School of Senapati District . DIET Senapati
7Research on Identification of Adolescence issues associated with tribal students in Govt. School in Senapati District. DIET Senapati
8A compative study on maintenance of cumulative records in Govt. elementary schools and private schools of Senapati District , Manipur . DIET Senapati